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Natural ways to Boost Fertility

Natural ways to Boost Fertility

A woman getting pregnant has a chance with the help of his ovum eggs and her partner’s sperm. This process does not easily happen to all couples. Most of them are getting pregnant within 3 months after their marriage. But few of them are getting more time due to several reasons. Modern lifestyles are dragging the couples into IVF treatments. But following some natural remedies will increase the chance of pregnancy. It is important to Boost Fertility as it is necessary for conceiving.
A sperm came out from male reproductive organ and it stayed inside the female reproductive organ for more than five days and attached with an egg to form a baby within 9 months. Sperm cell production is continuously happening in a man’s body. But ovulation occurs in a woman’s body within 12-15 days before the start of every menstrual period. During the time of ovulation a woman can see the cervical mucus – it looks like a clearer, wetter and slippery mucus in her reproductive organ.
Unfortunately few women are not getting ovulation due to hormonal imbalances, heavy weight or sudden weight loss, suffering from heavy stress, depression, anxiety, exposure to chemicals or radiation, taking illegal drugs, cigarette smoking habits, consuming alcohol and consuming medicine for some other health issue.

Natural ways to boost fertility

Fertility is a gift provided by God to the human being, but sometimes we are just smashed by that gift by living a bad lifestyle. We should also need to change or rectify our mistakes in our daily life. Lets see some of the positive things to follow in daily life to boost fertility in a natural way.


Excess physical or emotional depression can affect the pituitary gland and disrupt the production of these hormones, so the egg doesn’t get released in a right time. And, it’s not only excess mental depression that does this, but physical anxiety to the body, like too much exercise, can also stop ovulation in a woman’s life. So women can better avoid depression by following some activity and sharing their thoughts with their beloved. Sharing the home job (cleaning, washing vessels, dresses and gardening) with their partner also helps to keep the mind calm and also feel better in their body.

Environmental Toxins

Today the environment is more polluted due to several things. So many toxic gasses and substances are present in this environment. Few women are not getting the pregnancy chance due to the ovulation affected. Women who are working in the chemical factory, metal related factory.
The NICHD research report also shows that exposure to persistent organic pollutants and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in the environment can also affect female pregnancy chances. Men also get poor sperm count due to this issue. So good environmental conditions are very important for ovulation health and sperm health.

Stay away from Bad Habits to Boost Fertility

Following bad habits will ruin people’s health. Today so many women are also facing several health issues due to their bad lifestyle. Modern women nowadays like to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and use some illegal drugs. According to the health survey report, smoking cigarettes contains tobacco, this tobacco is loaded with several toxic substances, it will affect the hormones function and making less chance for pregnancy in women’s lives. Drinking alcohol (1-6 drinks per week) will affect the ovulation process in the woman’s body. So better to stay away from smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and avoiding illegal drugs will surely improve the ovulation health and get the chance of pregnancy.

Food diet

Consuming a healthy food diet will provide so many health benefits in daily life, but lots of people are following a fast food diet system. This will affect the body’s health. Women should be careful in their food diet, because following a bad food diet will affect ovulation health. White rice, french fries, mashed potatoes, rice cakes, donuts, pumpkin, cornflakes, papaya fruits, papaya seeds, processed foods, high fatty meats, sugar rich food items, sodas, drinking excess coffee and raw shellfish, such as oysters, crab, and clams. Consuming fiber and protein rich food items, Vitamin C food items also helps to improve ovulation health.

Workouts also Boost Fertility

Doing workouts in daily life will provide so many health benefits to the body, but many couples are not interested in workouts; because they are very busy with their work. In future this habit will cause several health issues including infertility for both men and women. Lack of workouts will affect the ovulation health, so doing some simple workouts such as barre, pilates and yoga will improve the ovulation health. Women also get a high chance of pregnancy after regularly doing these workouts. Weekly twice or thrice doing swimming exercise also improves fertility health, because it will burn unwanted fats present in the body, keep the hormones function very well and reduce stress level. So don’t forget to do simple workouts in your daily life for improving fertility health.


The above mentioned some simple tips will be helpful to improving fertility health, at the same time couples should do regular body check ups with a health expert or doctor. This will help to understand several things about fertility and also protect the body from various health issues in the future. Couples should never take any non-prescribed medicine for improving ovulation and sperm cell health, because it may cause some side effects in the body. So following doctor advice is very important to couples for getting a pregnancy chance.