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Top healthy foods in Summer

Foods for summer

Healthy foods have great impact on human health. Earth is a wonderful and only habitational plant in this universe. In the solar system earth is the third planet and it has four seasons. Four seasons are winter, summer, rainy, and autumn. These four seasons come one by one repeatedly. Each season has its own light, temperature and weather patterns.  In these four seasons, most of the people do not like the summer season, because of hot sunlight. 

Summer season weather is very rough and the heat wave increases the water evaporation leading to more drought. During summer time water shortage happens in several places. Many people are facing several health issues during summer time. Most of them are facing dehydration problems. Heat exhaustion also makes the condition worse, because heat exhaustion reveals some symptoms such as dizziness, visual disturbances, intense thirst, nausea, palpitations and numbness. Heavy hot sunlight also causes some other health issues such as heat cramps, heatstroke, and hyperthermia. Several people are also facing skin related issues during summer time, especially more women are facing skin related issues called tenia Versicolor. So, people should follow some precaution steps to protect their body from hot sunlight.

Top healthy Foods in Summers

Food is the main source to boost our body function and also provides energy to each and every organ. So consuming healthy food items is playing a vital role in the human being’s life. Several healthy food items are available to keep the body cool and avoid several health issues during the summer time. 

Water Melon

No one forgets watermelon fruit during summer season, because naturally watermelon fruit is loaded with a rich amount of water(more than 92%). Rich amounts of water will support to keep the body hydrated and also lycopene present in watermelon helps to protect the skin from hot sunlight. People can eat raw watermelon fruit or drink fresh juice, both things really keep the body cool. So, watermelon is the best summer fruit to quench thirst and protect the body from dehydration. 


Cucumber loaded with 96% water. Regularly intaking cucumbers, adds to the daily requirement of water by the body, thus keeping hydrated. This is useful, especially during hot summers when people tend to get dehydrated quickly. Additionally this cucumber acts as a natural coolant in the body, to give relief from the summer heat. This cooling food eliminates toxins and heat from the body and protects from many heat-related diseases; It will also help to avoid heat boils and rashes in the outer layer of skin.

Cucumber is a powerhouse of nutrients, so people can eat at any time of the day. However, to protect the body from hot sunlight, intaking cucumbers during the daytime is the best choice.

Coconut water

Today so many people like to drink several artificial cooling beverage items. This will just provide temporary results, but it will not keep body hydration for long hours and not protect the body from sunlight. Coconut water is naturally loaded with so many minerals, vitamins and nutrition. This will refresh the whole body and keep the body hydrated for long hours. It protects a person from hot sunlight and avoids heatstroke. Coconut water has naturally cooling properties, it helps to keep the temperature under control and also generates electrolytes naturally. Drinking coconut water in the morning is a good option for body health. Normally drinking one coconut water is enough to keep the body cool.


Curd is the most coolest and lightest food during the summer time. Regularly consuming curd during summer time will help to keep the body cool and improve the digestion process very well. People can add curd with their food like rice, bread, etc. While intaking adding some amount of salt and sugar for increasing the curd taste. This curd also helps to reduce stress during the hot sunlight, so don’t forget to add in the daily food diet. 

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a best choice to wave off heat from the body, because it contains a rich amount of vitamin C; This will help to reduce heat from the body. It also contains a good amount of antioxidants properties, this will help to protect the body from various issues during the hot summer time. Consuming huge amounts of lemon water will cause several bad effects in the stomach, because of its acidity properties. So, every morning drinking two to three glasses of lemon juice is good for the body’s health.


Mint is a naturally cooling herb and best among healthy foods; One of the available herbs to find fresh in the vegetable market, both peppermint and spearmint are the best for consumption during the summer season. Mint helps in the digestion process without raising body heat. Drinking fresh mint juice surely helps to keep the body temperature cool and also eliminate toxic substances present inside the body.

Dark leafy vegetables

Dark leafy vegetables one of the main healthy foods in summers, mainly the raw spinach and kale salads, help to provide protection against the heat of the sun. These leafy greens are also known to reduce inflammation and detoxify the body during the hot summer time. Adding some fresh green spinach also keeps the body so smooth and cool. 

Bottom Line

The above mentioned food items surely help to keep the body cool and hydrated. These food items help to avoid several health issues during summer time. At the same time people should also avoid some food items in their daily life such as Coffee, Pickles, Dry Fruits, Soda, Milkshakes, Spicy Food and Fried Food.