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Benefits of Apple

5 Astonishing benefits of Apple

Benefits of Apple are numerous. One of the world famous proverbs is “An apple a day, keep the doctor away”. Yes, this proverb expresses the true information. A person consuming an apple every day, surely his/her body health will improve regularly. But several people don’t know about the importance of apples in their daily life, most of them really don’t know about the health benefits of apples. In this article we will see in depth about the health benefits of apples.

Apple fruit is cultivated in several countries, mostly in the cold region. The apple tree originated in Central Asia, and it has been grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe continent and was introduced to the North America continent by European colonists. Apples fruits have religious and mythological significance in several cultures, including Norse, Greek, and European tradition.

Around the world, there are more than 7500 cultivars of apples. In the 2021, overall 93 millions of tonnes of apple produced worldwide.

Nutrition in Apple

Apple contains a rich amount of water, calories, gram protein, carbohydrate, sugar (naturally occurring), moderate amount of fiber and zero percentage of fat.

Different Color of Apple

  • Apple fruits are different colors and each apple fruit has its own sweet taste.
  • Green: Green, sometimes with a brownish orange or red blush color apple. It is very smooth skinned, usually culinary varieties but also has a sweet taste.
  • Yellow: Yellow color apples, also very smooth skinned, sometimes with red blush, can become almost white as they ripen.
  • White: Very creamy to white color apples with nearly translucent skin.
  • Striped: Carmine or red striped, usually against a yellow, white or pale green ground color (background) apple also soft and smooth skinned. Often this color type apples are sweet, but sometimes acid or dual purpose. So, eat it, based on each and every person’s choice.
  • Red: Mainly red (over ¾ of apple), green or yellow background, sometimes vaguely striped. Around the world, most people like to eat red colored apples.
  • Blue: Blue color apple fruit has crimson-colored skin on the external part and the inner part is white, juicy, and crisp flesh. This blue apple fruit is not sweet compared with other colored apple fruit and it has small gray seeds. It is watery and also famous for quenching people’s thirst. When the blue apple is fresh, it tastes nice.
  • Black Diamond Apple: In the apple fruit, one of the rarest colored apples is “Black Diamond apple”. This rare variety Black Diamond Apple is cultivated in the Tibetan region of Nyingchi. The cost of this color apple is high in the market compared with other color apples.

Health benefits of apple

  • Strong Bones: Bone health is very important, because it will help to keep our body structure fine and good. But bone health will be affected due to low levels of calcium and some other minerals. Apple fruits contain boron, a trace mineral that has been connected to bone formation, calcium, estrogen, and Vitamin E. Boron has also been found to prevent arthritis disease.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes problem makes people’s day today life into trouble, several people are not able to taste sugar items and several food items. Apple supports keeping the blood sugar level under control and also stimulates secretion of insulin level. Diabetes patients also eat apples at night time without worrying about the blood sugar level.
  • Weight Loss: Apple fruit can support weight loss because it is low in calories, rich in antioxidants, contains fiber and is naturally sweet, promoting satiety and helping ward off cravings for sweets. Additionally, apples contain a rich amount of water, this also helps to lose more weight. Apple not only helps to achieve weight loss, but also supports maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Those who do not want to eat raw apples, they can also drink a glass of apple juice in the morning.
  • Digestion Problem: Digestion problems will affect the stomach problem and also create several problems. Lots of people are not able to eat their food very well. Apple contains enough vitamin C, Potassium and soluble fiber. These will help to improve the digestion process very well and also help to overcome constipation problems.
  • Heart Health: One of the non-stop functioning organs in the body is the heart. Heart is playing a vital role in the body, but sometimes the heart is also facing some health issues. Regularly consuming apples will boost heart function. Apple contains a good amount of Vitamin C and soluble fiber. Having Apple consumption on regular basis along with best heart exercises can help control elevated levels of cholesterol. This will help to keep the cholesterol level balanced and eliminate unwanted cholesterol present in the blood and also maintain the veins and arteries health.

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Lots of people have doubts, which type of colored apple is best to eat and good for the body health. The Red Delicious apple is best to eat, because of its taste and also most people also think of this apple, due to its dark red color. Several health experts and research suggests that red-skinned apples take in more numbers than other colors, because they have more amounts of anthocyanins than other varieties.

This Red Delicious apple’ dark red color and sweet flavor come to several people’s minds, because it appears in several movies, cartoons, and paintings.

Consuming raw apples will boost body health, has many benefits, at the same time drinking fresh juice is also good for body health. Few people are drinking fresh apple juice by adding huge amounts of artificial sugar. This will not boost body health, especially for people with diabetes.