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Apple Fruit Benefits

Benefits of Apple fruit

One of the famous proverbs in this world is “An apple a day, keep the doctor away”. Most people like to eat apples, because of its taste and health benefits. Several people are adding fruits in their daily food diet to keep their body well and good. Apple fruit has many benefits.

Apple fruit is cultivated around the world, more than 7,500 different types of apple bred for various tastes and uses, including cooking, eating raw, and cider production. In the year 2021 more than 93 millions tonnes of apple fruit will be produced around the world. 

Nutrition in apple

Apple is loaded with rich amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrition. It contains a rich amount of vitamins C and Fats. Apples contain less amount of sodium, fat, and cholesterol. Protein is not in apple fruit. 

One 100-grams apple offers the following nutrients 

Calories: 52.

Carbs: 14 grams.

Fiber: 3 grams.

Vitamin C: 5% of the Daily Value.

Copper: 3% of the Daily Value.

Potassium: 3% of the Daily Value.

Vitamin K: 2% of the Daily Value.

The same serving also provides 1–3% of the Daily value for vitamins B1, B6 and vitamin E.

Vitamin E boosting the fat-soluble antioxidant properties, vitamin B1 — also known as thiamine — is important for growth and development, and vitamin B6 is very needed for protein metabolism.

Apples are also loaded with a rich amount of polyphenols, an important group of antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that guard cells from free radicals — hazards molecules that encourage the formation of chronic conditions, like heart disease and cancer.

To get the most out of apples, leave the skin on, as it contains half of the fiber and most of the polyphenols

Health benefits of Apple

Heart problems arise due to blockage in blood vessels due to formation of bad cholesterol and unwanted fats. Regularly consuming apple fruit will improve the function of the heart and also makes the arteries very flexible, because apples had no saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Flavonoids present in apple fruit help to prevent heart disease by avoiding the high and low blood pressure, reducing LDL cholesterol oxidation, and reducing atherosclerosis, which is the  main reason for buildup of plaque in arteries. Consuming apples without peeled skin is good for apples, because they contain a rich amount of fiber and polyphenols.

Improving Bone Density

Apple fruits contain Phloridzin, this is mainly used to improve bone density and also avoids bone breakdown. Phloridzin acts as a flavonoid antioxidant, it is mostly present in the apple skin, so people should never avoid the apple skin. 

Diabetes controller

Apple fruit acts as a diabetes controller, but many diabetes patients are afraid to eat fruits including apple, because it may be increasing the blood sugar level. The fact is, regularly consuming apple fruit is good for the body health and helps to control sugar level, because it contains a rich amount of soluble fiber; This will help to absorb sugar from the bloodstream and control the blood sugar level. Several studies revealed regularly consuming apples will help to reduce the development of type 2 diabetes in the body. 

Fight Against Asthma

Asthma arises in a person’s body due to poor function of lungs. Lungs function mainly due to oxidative damage. This oxidative damage happens in the lungs due to the presence of huge amounts of harmful molecules called free radicals. Apple skin contains a rich amount of antioxidant quercetin, which can help regulate the immune system and avoid oxidative damage. Mainly apples restrict the action of free radicals in the lungs and avoid asthma disease. 

Weight Loss

Several people want to lose their body weight, but they almost failed due to several reasons including their daily food diet, lifestyle and workouts. But apples play a vital role to deal with heavy body weight. Apple fruit contains a rich amount of soluble fiber and water. These two things will help to achieve the weight loss goal. According to the health survey, consuming one full apple helps to keep the bowl full for four hours. Consuming fresh apple juice also helps to keep the stomach bowl full and reduce unwanted fats present in the body. Heavy body weight person should add apple fruit in their daily life, because it contains polyphenols that have anti-obesity effects.

Good for Digestion

Many of them are facing a digestion process due to following unhealthy food diets and intaking more oil rich and junk food items. Avoiding breakfast also affects the digestion process. Regularly consuming apple fruit is good for the digestion process, because it contains a rich amount of pectin, a soluble fiber. Pectin bypasses digestion in the region of the small intestine and is then broken down by the friendly bacteria in the colon. It improves stool volume and is therefore commonly used to resolve constipation and diarrhea.

Bottom Line

Consuming fresh apple fruit in the morning time is the best choice, at the same time people can add this fruit with salads or any recipes. Drinking fresh juice also provides good health benefits to the body. 

People should be careful to take apple fruit, because some people are intaking Apples, along with fruits including peaches, avocados and blueberries contain natural chemicals called salicylates. Some people are sensitive to these compounds and may have a chance to face some health issues such as allergic reactions, including skin rash and swelling.

Some people are more concerned about pesticides, so they can choose to eat organically grown apples. These types of apples contain no artificial chemical elements and pesticides; this is 100% naturally good for the body’s health.