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Useful tips to following during sexual performance!

Tips to follow during sexual performance

In this world all the living things are doing relationships to make the new generation and also fulfilling their sexual pleasure. This is a common thing and one of the most important ones to live a healthy life. Sexual relationship performance is mostly between male and female genders. This performance makes them very close and strengthens their relationship bond. It also helps them to know each other very well and avoid shyness between each other. 

Doing sexual intercourse performance couples should follow some simple steps in the bed. Following some steps will surely make the relationship performance a very fabulous and unforgettable one. Otherwise sexual performance will be terrible and bitter. 

What are the things I should Do in the bedroom?

Men and women should follow some simple steps to make the relationship happy. The below mentioned some silly tips can provide an excellent relationship performance in the bedroom.

Pleasant atmosphere 

Before starting the relationship performance, the atmosphere should be very pleasant and peaceful. Makes the bedroom very clean and neat. Using some fragrance in the bedroom or applying fragrance oil like orange oil, lavender oil will make the bedroom very smooth and cool. Playing some melody songs or romantic songs in the room also creates a romantic atmosphere. It also stimulates the mood very well and improves brain function. 

Avoid Problems

In the bedroom, couples should stay away from their  personal problems. Worrying about financial problems, family problems and thinking about the future will surely stop the smooth sexual performance. Don’t discuss sad or past bad incidents, this will also affect the sexual mood. 

Don’t Hurry

Sometimes men or women are seeking a hurried horny performance in the bed, but this will not make the relationship fabulous and well. Lots of time this will end in a short period of time. If this happens again and again then sex will be like a green desert. So couples should be quiet and calm to start intercourse performance without any hurry. Please remember “Slow and steady to win the sexual performance.


Before going to start sexual play, couples should remember about the term foreplay. Yes, foreplay is an important key to open a sexual performance door without any trouble. This is playing an important role in couple intercourse life, so couples should never forget this sexual game. Foreplay can include a lot of different things, such kissing, sharing fantasies, or touching one another’s genitals very softly. Doing some simple massage or rubbing each other’s body. Like men rub women breast, head, neck, lap, butt and shoulder; sameway women rub men chest, shoulder and head. The main aim or purpose of foreplay is to add to sexual excitement, and, especially for females, to help ready the body for intercourse or penetration by increasing vaginal lubrication. Men should always play a soft touch and not do the hardtouch, because it may be layoff sexual excitement and fantasy. Most of the time, women like to foreplay for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes men also like to play foreplay for more minutes, but it is based on his partner’s performance. So, don’t forget about foreplay during romance hour in the bed. 


Wearing a dress also plays a vital role during sexual intercourse performance. Men especially notice their partner’s dress in the bedroom. So women wear revealing outfits, dressing in a specific color(mostly red color), and being confident. Dressing in a revealing outfit is a great way to make a woman noticeable to her partner. This can be done by wearing clothing that is tight in certain places or revealing some parts in the body. Women can wear some transparent cloth or dress during sexual intercourse and it helps to boost his partner’s sexual mood. But it is based on the glamorous clothes and body glamorous. 

Sex Talk

Mutual understanding and talk is playing a good role during sexual intercourse performance. A good way to start sexual performance, before that couples should start mutual talk. During this time couples can talk normally and also speak dirty. Couples can share their favorite sexual position and desire. This dirty talk will also boost sexual mood and improve sexual performance duration and also feel more comfortable opening up.

If a man feels very hard or troubled during sexual intercourse performance he might have a chance of erectile dysfunction. So he is willing to share with his partner about this issue. This might help to avoid several issues including relationship brokenness. Sometimes the sexual intercourse performance will be very short due to advanced or premature ejaculation problems. A Man should also share his weakness with his partner is a good option, because it will help to avoid or overcome this problem by following some positive steps. Man can also seek some suggestions from his partner while facing erectile dysfunction problems or premature ejaculation problems. Because this type of discussion will make a new solution or finding a right solution to deal with erectile dysfunction (ED) problem and premature ejaculation(PE) problem. Around the world so many medicine products available to deal with these issues, especially online super p force tablets deal with both issues(ED & PE) at a time. So don’t forget to start talking with each other before going to start sexual performance. 


Sexual relationship performance is based on the combination of men and women’s physical and mental health. So both of them should keep their physical and mental health very well.  Doing regular body check ups and seeking doctor advice also helps to keep the relationship performance very well.