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Health benefits of lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Flowers always make the atmosphere fragrant and beautiful, that’s why several people like flowers, especially women. Flowers are mostly used for the purpose of decoration a place, things and human beings. Yes, most of the time women are using the flowers to keep them beautiful, sometimes men are also using flowers, That is not a bad choice. In this article we will see about the Lavender oil health benefits.  


Lavender is a flowering plant, but its real name is Lavandula. Most people like to choose the word Lavender instead of Lavandula. This lavender flowering plant in the mint family, “Lamiaceae”. The native of lavender flower is Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, and from Europe across northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia to India.

This lavender flower is cultivated extensively in temperate climates as ornamental plants for garden and landscape use, for use as herbs, and also for the extraction of essential oils. Lavender flower is also used in traditional medicine for healing purposes and as an ingredient in cosmetics products ( lavender perfume and skin care items ).  

Nutrition’S in Lavender Flower

Lavender flowers contain nutrition such as Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron.

Lavender Flower Types

Lavender flowers have different types, They are…

  • French lavender
  • Lavandula x intermedia
  • Lavandula latifolia
  • English lavender
  • Lavandula antineae
  • Fernleaf lavender

In the above mentioned lavender flower types, French lavender is the most beautiful looking and high fragrance type. 

Lavender flower Colors

There are different Lavender flower colors including white, pink, blue-violet and of course a wide range of purples!

Lavender Oil

The lavender flower is mainly grown for the commercial purpose of oil production. Yes, lavender oil is famous worldwide. Most people like to use lavender oil, because of its fragrance. In this lavender flower type, English lavender is mostly chosen to produce lavender oil. The USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers it safe for consuming lavender oil by human beings. During World War I this lavender oil was used in the hospital for medical purposes. 

Lavender Oil extraction

Lavender oil extraction process contains several steps, around the world most of them are choosing steam distillation process for oil extraction method.

  • Harvest!
  • Pack Still
  • Add & Heat Water
  • Condensation
  • Hydrosol
  • Essential Oil

People can also do lavender oil extraction in the home for small amounts in a simple way without using huge components. 

Health benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil provides several health benefits to the body. I hope, after reading this article, many of them like to use lavender oil. 

  • Boosting Mood: Lavender oil is giving excellent results during relationship performance, because several men are facing relationship problems due to so many reasons including lack of mood, lack of stamina and erection power. So several men like to use cheap sildenafil citrate tablets like Cenforce 100mg, a Kamagra tablet or Caverta Pills to deal with poor erection and stamina problems. When they are using this tablet, they can easily regain their stamina strength and erection power. This tablet costs less, at the same time it will take only less hours to start action in the men’s body; so around the world many men are using this tablet as a relationship booster product. But using lavender oil is supported to stimulate men’s mood and also improve the swing of men’s mood. Yes, lavender oil helps to reduce the high stress in the brain and also its fragrance power helps to deal with the blood circulation problem. The fragrance smell stimulates men’s mood and also helps to engage more hours with their partner without taking any tablets. 
  • Improving sleeping hours: Several men and women are facing sleeping related problems due to using several smart devices for long hours, especially in the night time. This will totally affect the sleeping hours and the body health. Several people are facing sleeping disorders like insomnia. But using lavender oil, people can easily improve their sleeping hours and also protect the body from various health issues. Before going to sleep people should be inhaling the lavender oil aroma for a few minutes. Taking a deep breath to inhale this lavender oil aroma will help to stimulate the brain function and also encourage the sleeping mood. Regularly doing this habit will provide a good quality of sleeping time and also overcome sleeping disorders in a natural way. Please note, before going to sleep, please avoid using smart devices for one hour.   
  • Depression: Depression is a problem in a person’s life due to several reasons such as family problems, relationship breakup, financial situation, etc. But this depression problem is easily overcome by using lavender oil. Regularly using lavender oil will help to improve the blood circulation and also overcome depression within a few days. But for people who have a high range of depression problems, they should seek medical advice from the health care expert. 
  • Natural Skin care: Most of the people are taking care of their skin beauty very well, especially women. Yes, most of the women are spending money for buying cosmetic products, this is not a joke, but a fact.

Women always want to keep their skin beautiful. But many women have a doubt; Is lavender oil good for skin care? My answer is Yes, lavender oil provides a great contribution to improving the skin care in a natural way. While applying lavender oil in the skin, it will help prevent acne from developing while treating existing blemishes. This oil helps to reduce inflammation in the skin, because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties and eliminates irritated skin problems. 

Lavender oil is surely good for the body’s health, but people should use it in the right way. 

Those who want to consume lavender oil should be careful, because swallowing large amounts of lavender essential oil can be toxic for small children and adults. The signs of lavender essential oil poisoning include such as Blurred vision, breathing difficulties, burning or painful throat, confusion or decreased alertness, Diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting issue. So please take in a proper amount of lavender oil to keep the body healthy and live a joyful life. 

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