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Eye Problems- Common Types, 6 Point Precise Treatments

6 Precise Eye Problems Treatment

Eye Problems are most common these days. Today’s visual media world is improving very well because of advanced technologies. Visual media makes so much impact on this generation due to getting so many positive results in people’s lives. Human body also has a visual system to keep bright and light. Yes, the eye is the organ that acts as a visual system for the whole body. Eyes are the light for the whole body to see this beautiful world. Without eyes, human life is full of darkness. So, it keeps this natural visual system in the body very well. 

The visual organ eyes contain so many neurons and are connected to the brains for transferring message signals. Modern days people are facing several eye problems due to several reasons. Most of the people are facing eye problems because of using smart devices for long hours and also taking less time to sleep. 

Most Common Eye Problems

  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
  • Astigmatism
  • Cataracts
  • Color Blindness
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Dry Eye
  • Crossed eyes (called strabismus)
  • Lazy eye (called amblyopia)
  • Floaters
  • Glaucoma
  • Pink Eye
  • Retinal Detachment

How to overcome Eye problems?

Eye problems are easily overcome in the early stage, we all know one proverb “Prevention is better than Cure”. Taking proper prevention steps will give excellent results. People should be very alert about their eyes health. Because taking every precaution step will protect the eyes and also keeps the body healthy. So many medicines are available to deal with eye- related issues. Several people are using Bimatoprost eye drops to deal with eye- related problems.

Gives some rest to Eyes to avoid Eye Problems

Modern days people are spending their time on their smart devices such as smartphones, smart TV and computer. Several people are doing their work on the computer. These types of people should give some rest to their eyes. Focusing on a point or place will give more stress to the eyes, it will affect the eyes function in the future. So people should try the simple 20-20-20 hack: Every 20 minutes, look away about 20 feet in front of them for 20 seconds. Regularly doing this simple action will help to reduce eyestrain.

Know about Family History

Some of the eye problems are due to genetic factors, so people should be aware of eye conditions that their parents or grandparents had that can help to take proper precautions.

Genetic factor conditions including such as:

Understanding the family history can help you take early precautions and avoid several eye health related issues.

Maintaining blood sugar levels helps treating major Eye Problems

Around the world, more than 90% of blindness issues are caused by diabetes disease. So, people should seek a health care team to set and reach their goals to manage blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol—also known in depth about diabetes.

Health care expert or doctor set for many people is less than 7% for this blood test, but doctors might set different goals based on their blood sugar level.

Blood pressure: High blood pressure causes heart related disease, So the doctor’s set goal is less than 140/90 mmHg for most people.

Cholesterol: LDL or “bad” cholesterol builds up and clogs in the blood vessels, this will cause high blood pressure and heart related issues. HDL or “good” cholesterol helps to eliminate the “bad” cholesterol from blood vessels. Good blood circulation is not only improving the heart function, but also providing good erection in men’s reproductive organs without intaking erection booster pills like sildenafil citrate, Kamagra, Cenforce and Aurogra

Once balanced the blood sugar level and also maintaining the blood circulation under control will help to keep the eyes also healthy.

Eyes exercise help a lot in overcoming most Eye Problems

Today people are concerned about their body fitness, so they are doing their body workouts regularly. Same way doing eye exercises improves eye health.

  • Blink break – People blink less when they are focused on a TV or computer screen. Once they start to notice dry eyes or the beginnings of a headache, stop watching Tv or computer screens and try to blink 12 – 15 times in a minute. This will help to keep the eyes wet and avoid the headache problem.
  • Palms for relaxation – Applying a gentle pressure with the palms over the closed eyes until all the afterimages fade to black, about 30 seconds. Don’t put any heavy pressure on the eyes, this will cause eye pain. 
  • Roll your eyes- Rolling the eyes several times will improve the eyes condition. Look right and left several times without moving the head and then look up and down several times. Regularly doing this exercise will keep the eyes healthy.

Eye exercises are a part of vision therapy, so people should try to do these exercises in their daily life to avoid several eye problems including lazy eye problems for the children. 

Wear Sunglass for Eye Problems

People should wear sunglasses while traveling outside, especially during hot summer time. Wearing safety glasses to the eyes is mandatory while working in dusty places like construction and chemical industries. 

Sleep at right time

Most of the people are skipping their sleeping time at night because of using smartphones, Watching T.v and Computer. This will encourage eye- related health issues. So, people should rest their eyes for 7 – 8 hours at night time. This will keep the eyes function very well.

People should seek doctor help, if they are experience any of the following symptoms or issue in their eyes:

  • Change in iris color
  • Crossed eyes
  • Dark spot in the center of your field of vision
  • Difficulty focusing on near or distant objects
  • Double vision
  • Dry eyes with itching or burning
  • Episodes of cloudy vision
  • Excess discharge or tearing
  • Eye pain
  • Floaters or flashers
  • Growing bump on the eyelid
  • Halos (colored circles around lights) or glare
  • Hazy or blurred vision
  • Inability to close an eyelid
  • Loss of peripheral vision
  • Redness around the eye
  • Spots in your field of vision
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Trouble adjusting to dark rooms
  • Unusual sensitivity to light or glare
  • Veil obstructing vision
  • Wavy or crooked appearance to straight lines

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